The CO-RE Lab opens its doors

Once a month, the CO-RE lab organizes a journal club. Before each journal club, all journal club members have the option to propose one or two articles for the group to read in advance. The articles may be about any topic related to the CO-RE lab’s shared interests of interpersonal relationships, meta-science, and research methods (see our lab philosophy for more details), but any science-related article that will generate a good discussion is permitted.

During the journal club itself, the journal club member who proposed the article gives a short summary and asks some discussion questions. The journal club’s discussions are conducted in English and moderated by CO-RE lab member Patrick S. Forscher. 

Because we have moved our journal club online, we have the possibility to invite two underresourced researchers to be part of our journal club for the 2020/2021 academic year. To see the articles we have discussed in the past, you can see our Journal Club Overview Sheet. As we understand that Internet access may be a challenge for underresourced researchers, we will support the two selected researchers with 100 Euros to pay for Internet access (half paid up front, half paid at the end).

There are some conditions to being part of our journal club and receiving the 100 Euros:

  • You have no grants of your own. 
  • You need the support to be part of international networks.

When selecting the two researchers, we will give priority to those working in countries with a lower GDP per capita (according to the Worldbank’s data). 

To apply to be part of the CO-RE Lab journal club and receive the funds for Internet access, we ask you to fill in this form. In the form, we will ask the following information:

  • One sentence why you want to be part of our journal club.
  • A commitment to being part of the journal club until the end of the next academic year (2020/2021 by the European Academic calendar).
  • An article that you would like to discuss during journal club (we want to know your interests!). We are very open to discussing articles outside the North American/European mainstream (see for example this article by Ojiji we discussed). 
  • A cv that you can upload, so that we know your background.

If you participate in our journal club, we will grant you affiliate membership of the CO-RE lab, we will make ourselves available for advice (if you’d need it), and you get access to our Slack. If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Patrick Forscher ( or Hans Rocha IJzerman ( The offer is open to researchers at all levels (from undergraduate to professor).

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