CORE Lab Journal Club (January 22, 2021): Enhancing the Realism of Simulation

During our journal club, we discuss a variety of articles. Some of them are focused on specific topics, but many of them are focused on broader methods (for a full list, see the featured image). During last meeting (January 22, 2021), we discussed the value of computational modeling. We used Wander Jager’s article “Enhancing theContinue reading “CORE Lab Journal Club (January 22, 2021): Enhancing the Realism of Simulation”

CORE Lab 2020 Lab Philosophy/Workflow Hackathon

Today, September 16, 2020, we organized the yearly lab philosophy/workflow hackathon of the CORE Lab. To get all the lab members on one page and to reduce error as much as possible, we have a lab philosophy that is accompanied by various documents to facilitate our workflow. But research standards evolve and we also oftenContinue reading “CORE Lab 2020 Lab Philosophy/Workflow Hackathon”

Science for Science Reformers

In November 2019, Tal Yarkoni set psychology Twitter ablaze with a fiery preprint, “The Generalizability Crisis” (Yarkoni, 2019). Written with direct, pungent language, the paper fired a direct salvo at the inappropriate breadth of claims in scientific psychology, arguing that the inferential statistics presented in papers are essentially meaningless due to their excessive breadth andContinue reading “Science for Science Reformers”