Our department/labo will add a standard open science statement to all its job ads!

The Co-Re Lab is part of the Laboratoire Inter-universitaire de Psychologie Personnalité, Cognition, Changement Social (LIP/PC2S) at Université Grenoble Alpes. In France, “laboratoire” or “labo” (laboratory) is used for what researchers in the Anglo-Saxon world would call “department”. During our labo meeting yesterday one of the agenda points was to vote on the following statement:

« Une bonne connaissance et une volonté de mettre en œuvre des pratiques de science ouverte (au sens par exemple de pre- enregistrement, mise à disposition des données…) sont attendues, une adoption de ces pratiques déjà effective (lorsque le type de recherche le permet) sera en outre très appréciée »

This can be roughly translated as: “A good knowledge and the willingness to put in place open science practices (for example, pre-registration or sharing of data) are expected. It will be highly valued if one has already adopted these practices (when the research permits it).” The statement was adopted by an overwhelming majority. We at the Co-Re lab are thrilled that this statement will be communicated to future job candidates.

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