Older Announcements

Here are some of our older announcements.

05/2021 – Hans Rocha IJzerman’s book Heartwarming was featured in a recent NRC article!

05/2021 – Hans Rocha IJzerman’s book Heartwarming was featured in a recent Radiolab episode!

05/2021 – Our lab philosophy has been covered in the University newspaper of Free University, Amsterdam.

05/2021 – The Human Behavior & Evolution Society recommended Hans’ last book ‘Heartwarming‘.

05/2021- Anna & Olivier taught a workshop on Exploratory Data Analysis for the Kurt Lewin Institute.

03/2021 – Hans IJzerman talked about his recent book ‘Heartwarming’ in the online show Pillowtalk.

03/2021 – Hans published a popular science article on social thermoregulation, in ‘Psychology Today’.

02/2021 – Hans & Patrick published an article on the difficulty experienced by Science to provide practical advice, in ‘The Inquisitive Mind’.

02/2021 – Hans has been interviewed by embrlabs to talk about him, his work, and embrlabs.

02/2021 – Hans & Olivier published an article on social thermoregulation, in ‘The Inquisitive Mind’.

02/2021 – Patrick Forscher is hosting an SPSP free-form Friday titled ‘Encouraging team-based science in psychology‘.

02/2021 – Hans served as a fact-checker for science news in the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’.

02/2021 – IJzerman et al.’s Nature Human Behaviour paper was covered in the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’.

02/2021 – Hans IJzerman talked to the ‘Next Big Idea Club‘ about his recent book ‘Heartwarming’.

02/2021 – We find the ‘hostile priming effect’ did not replicate across close (n = 2123) and conceptual (n = 2579) replications.

02/2021 – Hans IJzerman has been interviewed on kpcw radio to talk about his recent book ‘Heartwarming’.

12/2020 – Patrick Forscher talked to the bbc on the efficiency of training in reducing unconscious bias.

11/2020 – Patrick & Alessandro taught a workshop on Meta-analysis for the Kurt Lewin Institute.

11/2020 – Our Lab Philosophy and our Research Templates have been awarded with a SIPS Commendation.

11/2020 – Our recent blogpost on African psychology has been awarded a SIPS commendation.

02/2020 – Society should demand more from scientists: We propose ways to improve the methodological quality of scientific work.

01/2020 – After investigators couldn’t repeat key findings, researchers are trying to establish what’s worth saving.

01/2020 – Patrick Forscher consider that this area of research is not yet ready for application in every day live.

10/2019 – Patrick Forscher and Hans IJzerman were involved in a major grant proposal (Synergy) to promote the PSA and team science.

9/2019 – We’ve released the 2019 update to our lab philosophy/workflow. Key changes: Sprints, CRediT contributorship, code hygeine.

5/2019 – We’re organizing an EASP conference and Facebook+AdopteUnMec Hackathon in Annecy, France.

4/2019 – We’re giving a workshop on the Open Science Framework, and a deep dive on power analysis.

12/2018 – 135 labs around the world replicate 28 studies. Find minimal variation in results depending on the sample.

10/2018 – Developing a scale to measure individual differences in social thermoregulation.

9/2018 – We organized a workshop training scientists on doing reproducible, open science. Videos and materials available on the OSF.

9/2018 – International collaboration investigating the link between social environment and core body temperature.

8/2018 – Past experiences, and a current manipulation of physical temperature, affect thinking about our loved ones.

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