Become lead researcher on a multi-site replication/extension study

In the past, we have led and participated in various multi-site studies. When we do those studies, we recruit and rely on many (kind) colleagues. Often however, these studies are led by a select few. We want to change this and support others. Consider this as a start.

Because we have experience in studies on social thermoregulation and because we think a past study of ours should be replicated, we have prepared/are preparing a multi-site replication study on social exclusion and peripheral temperature. You can find all the details about this project on its dedicated OSF page. We have done a power analysis of the study we replicate, prepared a project management sheet (thanks Nicholas Coles for an excellent example), instructions to submit the IRB application, an example IRB application, and various other elements that we believe are necessary to conduct the study (see all currently available files in the Google Drive for the project). We are currently finishing the power analysis, the data analytic script, and the Qualtrics file for the project.

We are now looking for a researcher that wants to lead this project. From the lead researcher, it will be expected that they decide on whether they want to do a pre-registration or a Registered Report, write the pre-registration or Registered Report, revise our initial work (if necessary), lead the project, be a project manager, interpret the findings, and finalize the publication.

We will provide sensors, mobile phones, and server space to participating researchers, and will train researchers how to use the sensors. We will also support in conducting the analysis, preparing the Registered Report and/or preregistration, and preparing the final report. We may be able to provide some compensation for sending the materials to different location, in case participating sites do not have the funds.

If you are interested in becoming the lead researcher, please send an email to us at with a brief motivation, indicate why you can do the study (this can for example consist of your prior experience), and a proposed timeline (not longer than one page).

We will give preference to researchers that are underresourced.

This blog post was written by Anna Szabelska and Hans IJzerman.

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