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PCI-RR Presentation @ LIP/PC2S

PCI is an alternative to the current costly, non-transparent and non-reproducible publication system. PCI is a non-profit association that creates communities of researchers who evaluate (via peer reviews) and recommend preprints in their scientific field. Among these communities, PCI RR is dedicated to evaluating and recommending Registered Reports across the full spectrum of disciplines.

CORE Lab 2022 Lab Philosophy/Workflow Hackathon

October 21, 2022, we organized the yearly workflow hackathon of the CORE lab (you can read last year’s version here)! To get all the lab members on one page and to reduce error as much as possible, we have a lab philosophy that is accompanied by various documents to facilitate our workflow.

Reducing loneliness in Ukranian refugees: a presentation at a Ukrainian conference on the war and on domestic violence

In the upcoming years, we plan to research the causes of loneliness of Ukrainian refugees, the connection of loneliness with committing psychological violence, and to increase social connection. After the project, we intend to create recommendations for working with Ukrainian refugees in France suffering from loneliness specifically and for refugees in general.

Migs’ Talk on Lack of Construct Validity and Item-Content Overlap in the Assessment of Romantic Relationship Quality

On Thursday, May 11, 2022, Migs Silan is giving a talk for the EASP-IARR joint symposium on What’s Love Got To Do With It: Diversity in Close/Romantic Relationships. His presentation is available on the dedicated section of the symposium’s site (together with all the other wonderful presentations, which you should definitely check out), but you…

Searching authors for a many-analyst project

This blog post is directed to those who are interested in coordinating and/or participating in a many-analyst project on a large, multi-site study investigating the effects of gendered job occupations and gender roles on the naming of male or female exemplars. The original authors will make ⅔ of the data available to analysis teams, who…

CORE Lab 2021 Lab Philosophy/Workflow Hackathon

Today, November 25, 2021, we organized the yearly workflow hackathon of the CORE lab (you can read last year’s version here)! To get all the lab members on one page and to reduce error as much as possible, we have a lab philosophy that is accompanied by various documents to facilitate our workflow. But research…

Alessandro Sparacio’s Meta-Analysis on Self-Administered Mindfulness and Biofeedback

At the recent conference for the Association for Psychological Science, Alessandro Sparacio gave a talk about his meta-analysis on self-administered mindfulness and biofeedback and whether they reduce stress (or stress’ consequences). You can find the abstract below the video and the preprint here. Abstract We conducted a pre-registered meta-analysis to appraise available evidence on two…

Lessons from “Big Team Science”

Patrick Forscher, who has received the exciting news that he is taking up a new job at the Busara Center, was part of a panel discussion at Metascience2021 (together with Nick Coles and Max Primbs, two of the board members of the Psychological Science Accelerator). You can watch the panel discussion below. Video hosted on…

Hans IJzerman’s Talk at SoNeAt 2021

The PI of the CORE Lab, Hans (Rocha) IJzerman, gave an “expert talk” yesterday at the Special Interest Research Group (SIRG) on the Social Neuroscience of Human Attachment about the lab’s research on Social Thermoregulation. You can see the video of the talk below!

Become lead researcher on a multi-site replication/extension study

In the past, we have led and participated in various multi-site studies. When we do those studies, we recruit and rely on many (kind) colleagues. Often however, these studies are led by a select few. We want to change this and support others. Consider this as a start. Because we have experience in studies on…

Adeyemi Adetula’s Keynote @ SIPS

At this past conference for the Society of Improvement of Psychological Science, Adeyemi Adetula, PhD student at the CORE Lab, gave the closing keynote on the topic of Synergy Between the Credibility Revolution and Human Development in Africa. A preprint of a manuscript that he led is available on AfricArxiv. The video of his talk…

A brief tutorial to scraping weather data with annotated scripts (part 1/3)

One of the main research topics in our lab is social thermoregulation. Therefore, much of our research involves the collection of temperature data in various forms (like the participant’s core or peripheral body temperature or the ambient temperature in the lab).  For one of our projects we are conducting this year we focused on a…

Towards a Better Understanding of Implicit Bias Beyond Unconsciousness and Dishonesty

May 21, 2021, Adam Hahn gave a talk (online) at our “labo” LIP/PC2S at Université Grenoble Alpes. Below first the video of his talk and then the abstract. Abstract Implicit measures – the results of indirect computerized reaction-time attitude measurements such as the Implicit Associations Task (the “IAT”, Greenwald, McGhee, & Schwartz, 1998) – are…


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We study co-regulation in romantic relationships. We study social thermoregulation. We do meta-science. We rely on open science ideals. We collaborate with researchers around the world, but are located at the Université Grenoble Alpes.

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